Tea Parties of the Maddest Variety

I had a wonderful time at a teaparty yesterday. Had I known we would be visiting a proper old fashioned tearoom I would have certainly packed my tiny top hat for the occasion. I love this hat. Everyone should have one and I should definitely have more occasions to wear it.

But back to my tea party. We were taken to Betty's tearoom in York as a thank-you for moving our friends stuff up north. It was wonderfully quaint and amazingly English, there was a pianist playing lovely music which was a perfect accompaniment to the rose petal tea (like liquid turkish delight, served in a silver teapot, divine) and Eggs Benedict followed by a small binge on cakes in the shop attached to the tearoom. I got my pop's some marzipan fruits for his birthday and a selection of scones for us once we got back home.

It was an exhausting weekend but I loved every minute. I have even kept the tearoom vibe going by rushing out to the magical Coffee and Tea shop in the covered market and buying myself some rose petal tea and a bug shaped tea infuser.

My monday has been mixed but these things are keeping me sane.


Last minute gift

We are helping a very good friend move to York tomorrow. She is moving in with her boyfriend for the first time, so we offered to drive her and her stuff up this weekend. Lovely. I like York it is full of tiny but fabulous shops and also the Quilt museum which I am keen to see. Now leaving things to the last minute has meant that we are without a hotel room and are going to be enjoying the comforts of Mademoiselle's floor but regardless of how little time I had I was not going to go without a gift.

Usually I leave the design of cards and other paper good to my Husband. He trained as a photographer and a layout genius. The downside is his fastidious perfectionism. I have seen him spend days photoshopping out specks of dust from a picture and moving typeface round the screen a pixel at a time. But tonight he has gone to a gig and I got left with the full power of photoshop a flat fulll of inspiration and a very blank sheet of paper. I wanted to do something letter related, mademoiselle is the only person I know who still writes letters and not emails and I wanted to make her some personalised stationery. Heres what I came up with....

Now I couldn't leave her stationery naked so I whipped up this little writing case. It was really easy and I am really pleased with the results. I can see a lot of personalised stationery sets finding a home under the chrsitmas tree this year!


Crafty life

My life has not been too crafty these days. It has been filled with packing. Generally packing other peoples houses. Why have people chosen this month to move after 10 years or more. I have decided it is to send me crazy. In the face of this I have been cheering myself with old craft goodness that I am proud of.

This is my pin cushion queen. She is a doll based on the Tim Burton poem which you can find here :

I made her for my good friends birthday and she went down well. I am tempted by more doll sculpture type pieces and am sure to get to it just as soon as I finish all the packing......

avoidance thy name is me


Five years

I have a plan. A five year plan. I am not usually the planning type but this one I am excited about. It ends with a fabulous little shop and a smilling ladyP at the till. I have always wanted a till. My first steps on the plan are taking crafting a little more seriously while still working hopefully to earn outrageous sums of money to eventually fund some sort of dream job.

Ok not a five year plan but certainly a less than fifty year plan, but there is no bowie song called that.

I have started my week off work by cleaning the flat and sorting out the workroom which is becoming a new obsession, particularly putting things in see through organisers. I went to my walking (crafty) inspiration this weekend and got to peek in her shed. It is a turqouise shed, not particularly unassuming but certainly did not tell of the joys I found inside. There were notions and fixings, and a wall of fabric and books and machines and gadgets and a big sticky wall which I am assured is for arranging quiliting blocks. She also took me to my firt ever quilt shop. I was suitably overwhelmed by the range of fabrics, almost so much that I couldn't see what I needed but managed to dig out a beautiful deep blue with silver stars and a bit of sparkle for the nieces quilt that is my first ever quilt and becoming a long term WIP.

Then home for a lesson in hand quilting, machine quilting and how to save my fingers from becoming holey from needle sticks (did you know there are dozens of types of functional thimbles... no me neither).

I returned home full of inspiration but very little energy so my evening was spent on the dreaded wedding present I am constructing for my brothers upcoming nuptuals. I am hoping to get a bunch of it done this week as I will be avoiding my essay like the plague.

I am off now to eat minature pineapple upside down cakes and continue watching re runs of project catwalk.


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