Five years

I have a plan. A five year plan. I am not usually the planning type but this one I am excited about. It ends with a fabulous little shop and a smilling ladyP at the till. I have always wanted a till. My first steps on the plan are taking crafting a little more seriously while still working hopefully to earn outrageous sums of money to eventually fund some sort of dream job.

Ok not a five year plan but certainly a less than fifty year plan, but there is no bowie song called that.

I have started my week off work by cleaning the flat and sorting out the workroom which is becoming a new obsession, particularly putting things in see through organisers. I went to my walking (crafty) inspiration this weekend and got to peek in her shed. It is a turqouise shed, not particularly unassuming but certainly did not tell of the joys I found inside. There were notions and fixings, and a wall of fabric and books and machines and gadgets and a big sticky wall which I am assured is for arranging quiliting blocks. She also took me to my firt ever quilt shop. I was suitably overwhelmed by the range of fabrics, almost so much that I couldn't see what I needed but managed to dig out a beautiful deep blue with silver stars and a bit of sparkle for the nieces quilt that is my first ever quilt and becoming a long term WIP.

Then home for a lesson in hand quilting, machine quilting and how to save my fingers from becoming holey from needle sticks (did you know there are dozens of types of functional thimbles... no me neither).

I returned home full of inspiration but very little energy so my evening was spent on the dreaded wedding present I am constructing for my brothers upcoming nuptuals. I am hoping to get a bunch of it done this week as I will be avoiding my essay like the plague.

I am off now to eat minature pineapple upside down cakes and continue watching re runs of project catwalk.


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