Last minute gift

We are helping a very good friend move to York tomorrow. She is moving in with her boyfriend for the first time, so we offered to drive her and her stuff up this weekend. Lovely. I like York it is full of tiny but fabulous shops and also the Quilt museum which I am keen to see. Now leaving things to the last minute has meant that we are without a hotel room and are going to be enjoying the comforts of Mademoiselle's floor but regardless of how little time I had I was not going to go without a gift.

Usually I leave the design of cards and other paper good to my Husband. He trained as a photographer and a layout genius. The downside is his fastidious perfectionism. I have seen him spend days photoshopping out specks of dust from a picture and moving typeface round the screen a pixel at a time. But tonight he has gone to a gig and I got left with the full power of photoshop a flat fulll of inspiration and a very blank sheet of paper. I wanted to do something letter related, mademoiselle is the only person I know who still writes letters and not emails and I wanted to make her some personalised stationery. Heres what I came up with....

Now I couldn't leave her stationery naked so I whipped up this little writing case. It was really easy and I am really pleased with the results. I can see a lot of personalised stationery sets finding a home under the chrsitmas tree this year!

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