Tea Parties of the Maddest Variety

I had a wonderful time at a teaparty yesterday. Had I known we would be visiting a proper old fashioned tearoom I would have certainly packed my tiny top hat for the occasion. I love this hat. Everyone should have one and I should definitely have more occasions to wear it.

But back to my tea party. We were taken to Betty's tearoom in York as a thank-you for moving our friends stuff up north. It was wonderfully quaint and amazingly English, there was a pianist playing lovely music which was a perfect accompaniment to the rose petal tea (like liquid turkish delight, served in a silver teapot, divine) and Eggs Benedict followed by a small binge on cakes in the shop attached to the tearoom. I got my pop's some marzipan fruits for his birthday and a selection of scones for us once we got back home.

It was an exhausting weekend but I loved every minute. I have even kept the tearoom vibe going by rushing out to the magical Coffee and Tea shop in the covered market and buying myself some rose petal tea and a bug shaped tea infuser.

My monday has been mixed but these things are keeping me sane.

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