unexpected day off

I had booked today off work some time ago to wait for the internet man to come and give me better TV and net access. I had rescheduled this but forgotten to cancel my day off, so this morning I was presented with an empty day ahead of me. So what did I do? Well like any self respecting fidgiter I filled the day with many activities and crippled my back in the process.

I spent several hours in my local (ish) fabric and knitting shops. I am going on a quilting weekend and I needed to get supplies. I now have a headache inducing range of fabrics that I am not sure really go. This will be my first time piecing a quilt and I am not sure that I have the eye for how to create interesting yet plesant combinations. I am always sad that fabulous though my LFS is they don't have a selection of amazing japanese prints that I have fallen in love with online. I don't like buying fabric online, too much of my decision making is wrapped up in touching fabric and seeing them close up I just don't trust it. I also have patience issues - mainly being that I don't have any - and waiting for pacakges to fly halfway round the world just makes me tense.

Having spent too many hours and far too much money on fabric, beads, wool, curtain lining (which technically is fabric but I got it from a different shop so it is sepsrate on my mental list) pliers, a DVD that had gone missing and I just couldn't keep looking for and a few other suprises, I headed home and cracked straight on with the baking. The result was an amazingly light banana and walnut loaf that will be easily devoured as soon as the light is good enough to take a picture.

Now I am listening to Carly Simon and editing my holiday snaps.

Do I have to go back to work tomorrow?


This is how my weekend started. It was a baking frenzy. Lovely.


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