Festival of quilts 2011

Yesterday I spent a lovely day at the festival of quilts. As I am a poor student I was very strict about spending money and I only bought two things, a new wrist support (my Dr has suggested taking a few months off crafting to rest it and prevent the RSI twinges. I just cannot do it. So instead I got a new support) and a 1/2 metre of Glasses by Echino :

image source: The eternal maker

My favourite part of the festival was the quilt exhibition, particularly the contemporary and art quilts. Beware the following quilts are beautiful and may inspire a quilt addiction.

This picture quilt is made up of tiny paper pieced hexagons to create an image. All of the fabrics were black and white - no grey, instead the grey tones come from the density of the pattern in each of the different fabrics. It appeared to all be hand pieced and as such must have taken an age. Totally impressive. So much so that Nearlybutnotquite, who is addicted to hexagon paper piecing, kept being drawn back to it.

This piece called 'Samplers' was made up of 6 panels, each one referencing the traditional form of samplers, using the decorative stitches available on many modern sewing machines.

I was captivated by the idea (read: Jealous). In the centre of each panel there is an alphabet section E is for Elephant in bright primary colours.

As you looked closer, surrounding the bright primary coloured words there was muted beige, or white on white  text offering alternative words which told a much deeper, conflicted story:

This knitted log cabin quilt won the judges choice award. I liked the idea but the thought of knitting all of those tiny strips of knitting would be insanity making!

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