For my holiday this year I had a kind of stay-cation. I went to stay with a very good friend for a week of not working, baking and crafting joy. I spent two very good days in her shed making pretty things. This shed has had several incarnations during the time I have known her and it is always a place of wonder. There are tiny drawers filled with treasure and larger drawers filled with the most gorgeous fabrics in the most amazing colours, there are undyed silk cocoons, a rainbow of dyes and most recently a sewing machine with built in scissor function.  I have wanted to spend unsupervised time in this shed for about 5 years and now I have. And it was good. Very good. In fact I don't want to go back to work on Monday, I want to spend a week in my studio making more lovely things. I had forgotten how quick sewing is compared to knitting and how much I enjoy it.  

Before I go any further, be warned that there are pictures of some of the baby gifts I am making for various pregnant relatives and friends. If you are one of these friends, *either* stop reading now, or practice your surprised "awww its lovely face" please.

Once I got to the point that I had three babies due to craft for I felt investing in a baby craft book would be justified and I had read alot of good things about Lotta Jansdotta's 'Simple Sewing for Baby'. Now a lot of what is in the book is (as the name suggests) simple but really excellent projects.

I made taggy blankets:

Including my first proper use of a log cabin square:
And giraffe rattles - which since taking this picture have been stuffed and had bells added:

And I worked on some notebook covers. 

This is my favourite detail on the last cover I did. I love the feather stitch appliqué. These are destined to become notebooks-come-diaries and when finished they'll be the first products in my revived shop. I'll also have a proper post about them once I can get some decent pictures of them finished. Speaking of decent pictures, there was the most amazing light in the house I was staying in. I have to admit to having gone round the southside of my house peeking under carpets in the hope of finding some potential floorboards to beautify. To no avail. We have either concrete or crap boards- and I'm not sure that our landlords would be too pleased if I went round ripping up the carpet. Instead I will have to continue my photo taking journey in trying to find the perfect background. 

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