I still love you the girl from mars

In the late 90's Ash's 'Girl from Mars' was one of the anthem's of my teens. Every week when we would go to the coliseum (the local club) I danced to it, got drunk to it, kissed boys to it, kissed girls to it and still to this day when I hear it I'm 17 again.

The verse has the line 'oh we'd stay up late playing cards, Henri Winterman cigars...' so when BS and I were wandering round our local antique shop and saw this, I could not resist.

It is a Henri Wintermans cigar display case. Amazing. 

Only that morning BS and I had been discussing the best way to display my current curios and inspiring objects in my studio. We'd decided to mount a white box frame I use at college on the wall. This, of course, is so much better. Clearly designed to be my new cabinet as well as a cheerful nod to my indie disco youth.

So I stripped out to dodgy black velvet lining

Relined it with some 70's green curtain offcuts that have been languishing in my stash for a while, and filled it with a few pieces that are knocking around my studio at the moment.

Once I've finished finally sorting out the piles of stuff lying around up there I'm going to fill it properly. Though I am already considering how cool it could look with a collection of curios which move. For now though I am going to enjoy the song it plays in my head and the smile this puts on my face.

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