Lets get cosy

Tonight I am packing up ready to head off for a week at a friend's house. It is going to be a week of crafty calm in an oasis of my timewarp life at the moment. I am currently temping at an office in the kind of role I used to do before college. I am having trouble balancing the old administrator me with the new art school me and my creative output has suffered. No longer though. This week is going to be a great chance to get my craft on.

I've packed a large box full of supplies for the various things I want to do this week, sewing, bookbinding, crochet and knitting. Turns out that I have a thing for tool storage. I have quite a broad range of craft tools, (which might be a sign of my sluttish ways when it comes to picking a craft 'discipline') from sewing to metal work. I am very partial to categorisation so each type of craft has its tools stored together, usually this is for ease of use rather than an obsessive need to keep tidy - a quick peek in my studio would show I am a messy crafter. I just find it easier to flit between projects if my tools are together. But I am not content with Really Useful Boxes or drawers. I like tool rolls or pouches
top: tiny pouch for dpns, middle: needle files for small metal work, bottom: bookbinding tool roll 

I love pulling out my bookbinding tools or files at college and seeing them in their pretty cosies, I love taking my knitting bag out on the train and fishing stitch markers out of cute tiny bags. I like that I am the only person at college who has these custom made cosies. Just because something is useful doesn't mean it shouldn't be pretty. And most of these tools cost a small fortune, they deserve to be stored with love. I have also learnt I am much more likely to put things away if they have somewhere nice to go.

All this said, tonight,  much to my dismay I realised that I have nothing to put my knitting needles in when I head off tomorrow. My needles usually live in a vase on top of a unit of drawers, a wonderful jumble of metal, bamboo and resin joy. I need to take a selection of needles with me next week but not a vase full. First I took the ones I wanted and jammed them in my yarn bag. But there were too many and they stuck out the end in a perilous fashion. Then I considered elastic bands but then they looked unloved. So what is a crafty girl with an hour on her hands to do? Well whip up a pouch of course!

I searched my stash and came up with some dark green corduroy pieces which I perked up with some appliqu├ęd quilt cotton.  This took me about an hour to do and came together really easily. Almost. There was a slight seam allowance issue which meant I sewed far to big a seam allowance, trimmed the corners, turned it out and then realised my longer sets of needles would no longer fit in. I have decided to breathe, and leave the longer needles at home. I am pretty sure I'll be able to live without them. A decision that shows I am certainly chilling out a lot more when it comes to the things I make and the inevitable mistakes that come with handmade goods. Adaptability is key!

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b.straggler said...

sluttish craft? excellent.


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