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I opened my online shop two years ago. I think I last listed an item about 18 months ago. I felt like a very little fish in such a big pond and didn't feel like anything I could make to sell would stand out enough to sell. So I closed up the shop and disappeared having only gotten the tiniest of toes wet in the world of selling crafts. The crazy thing is that I am desperate to sell crafts, I long to get the email telling me that someone wants to buy something from me, I want to spent time thoughtfully wrapping products, then lovingly taking them to the post office - setting them free into the world, hopefully to be loved and enjoyed.

I just don't know what to make.

I've read so many articles and books about creating a consistent brand, ensuring that your products make sense as a collection and are not just examples of all the things you like to make. I couldn't really find a theme except that this was stuff I liked to make, mainly textiles based, that I thought was cute or cool, or things that friends and family would say "that is so lovely, you should sell that". So I didn't even bother listing things. I have a sad box stuffed with sock monkeys that might have been loved by someone. Another full of tape measure brooches that I really like, but there are already a million on Etsy and Folksy and mine aren't that different. There are zip purses and pencil cases and coiled bowls and hamma coasters and probably more things that I don't remember now. But there was no story, no consistency of brand or product. So I stopped.

Then today something happened.

I had an idea.

All of last year, and this year I have been making things for college. Not for assessment but actually for college - brush rolls; file rolls; bookbinding tool cases; sketchbooks; a waterproof tote bag for my A3 sketchbook; diaries with built in sketchbooks; camera cases and the list goes on. And that's my plan. I am going to sell cute, useful things for art students or students in general. Hopefully just in time for all of those friends and families of the impossible-to-buy-for art student to stumble across for Christmas present joy.

I'm going to be posting some WIP's here, and brainstorming new ideas so if you are on the look out for  gifts for the crafter in your life please stay tuned!

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