Finishing touches

I do love the finishing touches in life, a beautifully wrapped present, a pretty cosy for my tools, a fabric folder cover, all of these things make me happy. Having gathered all my samples together yesterday I realised that I needed to get them organised and ready to present for my group crit on Tuesday. As a big part of making these samples in the way I have, is so that you can touch them, feel the difference that each quilting technique makes to the cosy factor of the quilt. It is also important that you can see both sides of them so sticking them in my technical journal was not an option. Inspired by my collection of furniture covering sample books I thought a post-bound book would be the best way to go this is what I came up with:
There is a post that the mounted samples are threaded onto, which is then held secure by the rectangular washer/bar and a nut. This was intended to be a temporary solution that I would then revisit once I had all my samples and I could bind them properly. However as I was putting it together this morning I couldn't help but add a few finishing touches, like rounding corners of the metal plates, and as I am never one to pass up some letter stamping, I thought I'd label them while I was at it. I have really fallen for this and I think it has just become my 'proper' solution and not just my temporary solution. 

On one side there will be my quilting samples, and on the flip side there will be my patchwork or quilt block samples. The samples have been stitched onto a folded piece of cardboard at the top so they are 90% free to allow people to touch and feel them. My plan is to write my analysis of each sample on labels which will go on the cardboard mount so all the information is all together. 

A good mornings work, now I'm off to make some more samples to fill this bad boy up!

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Unknown said...

That's a fabulous idea!! You're so imaginative :-) *envious face* x


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