I have stock!

Check it out! Here is my finished, labelled, first batch of stock ready to take down to the pop-up shop tomorrow. After the litany of disasters that seem to have plagued me in this mission you have no idea how happy this stack of books is making me. There are still books to be finished but I am waiting for some supplies to be delivered so I'll have to take those in at a later date.

BorderlineStraggler designed my logo many years ago, back when I first set up an etsy shop, and this week he has been tweaking it to fit all my new products (you have no idea how big the grin on my face is to be able to write 'new products' I made things! multiple things!). 

I'm going to be relaunching my etsy shop with my new range of things in the next few weeks, so if you haven't got a chance to get to the Hereford pop-up shop you can still get your hands on these handmade books. Once I have had chance to take some decent pictures I'll post some info about each of the books

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b.straggler said...

looking good niblett!


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