It wasn't meant to go like this

My post today was meant to be one of triumph. I have very Exciting News that I was looking forward to sharing. After 15 years of harbouring a desire to have my things sell in an actual bricks and mortar shop I was actually getting to do it. With the support of friends, family and a dreamteam combination of my favourite staff at college I had plucked up the courage to send an email to a pop-up shop looking for local artists work. Even better I got a response very quickly that yes, they loved my work and would love to have it in the shop. I began making in earnest. Last night my studio was a shrine to a handmade book production line. I was all ready for tonight's glueing session to finish off all my books, covers all neatly sewn and cut out, grey board in stacks of organised joy. I was not ready to be woken up by BS with the words "Penny, you need to get up there's been a disaster in your studio".


My studio. My lovely place, with all my most precious things (of the non human variety).

Yes. Big bastard leak. The kind of water-pouring-from-the-ceiling-for-hours-soaking-the-carpet-and everything-in-its-path kind of leak. Soaking half the studio. The half where all of my stock was. My boxes of folded pages. My piles of fabric covers waiting to be glued. My stacks of grey board. So now everything looks like this: 

I'm trying to dry what I can to see if anything is salvageable and waiting for the landlord to call me back. Having survived last week which included stomach bugs, hospital appointments, and ended with a car crash which wrote off the car, I was hoping for a quiet week this week. It certainly wasn't meant to go like this.


nearlybutnotquite said...

Oh Rats! That sucks. I guess at least they weren't all completed already? Wish I could say something more helpful. Valuable learning experience? Still SO proud of you. You'll bounce-back, and be brilliant. I'm certain.


Penny said...

I have managed to salvage more than I thought, and it would have been a lot worse if I hadn't been inspired by your love for zip lock bags! I'd been storing the smaller book-page blocks in those so they are fine and a lot of the fabric covers have dried okay. I am not letting it get me down. I WILL have things to sell. I just wont get much sleep this week....


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