Opening night!

Tonight is the opening of the Hereford Christmas popup shop where I have a few of things for sale. At the moment I am so excited to see what the shop looks like, it is an amazing space in a great location and Karen and Steve of Tea with Bea have such a great aesthetic I am sure it will be beautifully styled. 

However I am sure over the next few hours I will run the full gamete of emotions from self doubt about the quality of what I am selling, to jumping up and down with excitement, to teenage strop, finally ending up in a tizz about what to wear (is a red striped dress far to festive?). I know this is coming and I know it is all just nerves but I apologise in advance to anyone who bumps into me today, please be kind it has taken pretty much all the confidence I have to enter things for this shop and by tomorrow I promise I'll try and be normal again. AND I'll post plenty of beautiful pictures to encourage you all to drop by!

p.s I have just had a terrifying thought, if I am this nervous about the opening of a group shop what state will I be in the for the opening of our degree show in 2013?!?

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nearlybutnotquite said...

I'm on tenterhooks here Ratty! Where are those photos you promised? nbnqx


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