Stitchy specialist processes

One of the modules I am doing this term is called 3D Specialist Processes. In this module we have to investigate a technique or process or material to develop our knowledge of it and begin to develop the specialist knowledge that we will need as makers. As each person on the course has different interests and materials they work in we have had to write our own proposals on what form this investigation will take. There is a massive spectrum of things people are looking at from enamelling to ceramic slab building to wood carving. I had decided to look at mechanisms, but due to the universe conspiring against me for the last month I had made little or no progress on this project. Last week, following a series of tutorials, I decided to give myself a break and rather than doing two, very different and demanding projects for my practical modules this semester I would combine the two and focus on the technical skills that are needed in my design development project, as the subject for specialist processes. So for the past week or so I have been quilting.

I was taught to sew by Silver Lining who is a wonderful quilter with a home is full of piles of quilts and blankets, where you are never more than a couple of feet away from something to get snuggled in. One of the (many) things she inspired in me a love of quilts, I read a lot of modern quilt blogs, I have made a few quilts of my own and been on a weekend course but I have never really studied in depth the technical side of quilting, so this module is going to be a brilliant opportunity to do just that. As a starting point I am working my way through this book: 

I've been making 6.5" x 8" sample sizes, some are mini quilts to explore different kinds of patchwork blocks;

 The rest are quite boring looking, quilting samples. It might not seem like a rock'n'roll art school time to many out there but having the time to explore exactly what the difference are between a 1" and a 2" interval between quilting lines and what that does to the look and feel of the quilt, but it is a complete luxury and delight to me. You can hopefully expect a lot more stitchy samples here in the next few weeks.

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Unknown said...

Oooh, how wonderful! I *loved* making my sample blocks :-) and thank you for saying such lovely things xx


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