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I have been doing a couple of shifts a week at the shop and it has become a very lovely way to while away a cold afternoon. The shop sells 

A yarn addicts dream tree

There is a corner for prints and original paintings and drawings
Jewellery, aprons and gorgeous mirrors
Beautiful glass, ceramic and textile tree ornaments
A box of cushions I just want to sit in!

And then here are all of my things: notebooks, diaries & bookmarks

These are some reindeer I had been making in the shop. Lots of people asked me about them and wanted to know how much they were so after I had finished the gift ones I made a few more for the shop. I'm told I've sold a few!

One even made it into the window. Very, very exciting.


b.straggler said...

i can vouch that the reindeer i sold yesterday (first retail experience in nearly 10 years) went to a good home!

Unknown said...

I *love* the reindeer!!! You're so clever :-)

nearlybutnotquite said...

So proud of you Ratty! In a real, real shop and all your pieces look so lovely too. nbnqx
P.S. Am more than a little envious.


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