Festive table fun

This is by far the fastest turn around from idea, to product, to sales I've ever had, about 72 hours in total!

Whilst at work on Wednesday night I came up with this design. I wanted to make something new for our Christmas table for our first festive season in Hereford. I love setting the table for Christmas, it reminds me of getting out the poinsetta tablecloth with my parents and special star shape platters in time for our grandparents to descend for the day. When I got married I wanted to start creating my own holiday traditions and our table is slowly being added to each year, refining its seasonal wonder as our taste change. I have some thoroughly cute placemats, I embroidered some napkins a few years ago, there is the occasional piece of Christmas-y crockery but till now our napkins were allowed to roam free, unravelling from my inexpert attempts at folding willy nilly.

I thought some lovely metal rings were in order. In all honesty I couldn't face soldering even 4 napkin rings, the solution was to make a little plate that I could then thread a ribbon through to tie around the napkins. If they were little plates they needed to say something. I have been listening to Christmas music pretty much non-stop since 30th November at work so festive lyrics became my inspiration:
I was so taken with these, I thought I'd see if they would fit in at the pop-up shop. Steve approved, so my last day at college was spent making more to sell - I made 22 in total, stamping, cutting and polishing the day away. And sell they did. I dropped them off in the shop at 2pm on Saturday and by 5.30 they had all sold. All of them. Including the ones I needed for our table. So once again are napkins are naked, but I am unbelievably happy that they were so popular. 
A final gratuitous shot of them all heaped together in their box for delivery. 

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Unknown said...

They are *beautiful*!! I'm not surprised they all sold out!


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