excuse me, that's my confidence you've just trampled on

Yes. I've just had a group tutorial. No, it didn't go well. The main focus of this blog is meant to be the ups and downs of being a design crafts student, well today it is going to be the down's. This morning started well enough with an hour in my studio at home, before surprisingly smooth trip to the post office, up to the library for a teeny induction into the world of online journals then back in time for a group tutorial at 11.15. It is now 1.20 and I am at home, despondent.

What went wrong? Well I could sit here and explain about the design brief and my response to it, and what I am struggling with and what I thought I was succeding in, but that is not really very interesting to anyone who isn't a) me, b) BorderlineStraggler who is going to have to hear it all later (at great length), or c) my tutors who were there, so they know. Tutorials and group tutorials are such a big part of the art school ethic that my struggle to deal with bad ones has become a defining part of my college experience. I am not developing a tougher skin, or an appreciation that the opinion expressed is just one persons opinion and that though valid I don't need to listen to it. I still take it personally, and have a cry in the toilets, or drown my sorrows in tea and chocolate, but I am learning that these tutorials are often a turning point. Once I've got over the crushed feeling I either end up more focused and determined to refine my idea and make it work to prove that I am right, or I reflect and end up going in a different direction.

So that is my bit of advice for today. Don't just ignore the bad tutorials. In fact you should listen to the bad tutorials more, they usually hurt the most because someone is telling the truth that you don't want to hear. But also remember that a bit of indignant moping is allowed in this situation. Speaking of which the next hour will be spent on the sofa, with a bit of this:
 and plenty of this:


b.straggler said...

lucky old me!

Penny said...

:-p don't worry. I'll attempt to get over it before you get home

Unknown said...

((((hugs)))) But my! You are wise, Obi Wan :-) what a good thing you made such a consolingly gorgeous tea cosy for bad day blues.


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