Soothing Stitches

This holiday did not go as planned, but as I am learning that is just how life is. I had planned at this point in my holidays to be ready to go back to college with a pile of samples for my quilt, a finished design and all my written work ready to go. Unfortunately, my granddad was taken into hospital just before Christmas and died on the 29th December. This has meant lots of travelling and time with family and very little time to spend at my sewing machine or get lost in my sketchbook. But at times of stress I can't have idle hands. I suffer from bouts of PTSD from time-to-time which leaves me unable to concentrate on anything challenging - even simple things like reading. However like many people I know, the gentle feeling of yarn on wooden needles calms my mind and gives me space to think. Knitting is one of the only crafts that I can do without looking directly at it so it is great for doing while talking to people, so I have been knitting.

I have been 'Extreme Knitting' 
Extreme or Big Knitting is knitting with giant needles and, in my case, cut up curtain lining and yarn to make a Scandinavian inspired rug, trouble is it meant everywhere I sat to knit ended up looking like this:

I have knitted a cowl which you can see above. It is so snuggly and warm, and most recently I have been sock knitting.
I went on a sock knitting course just before I started at college last year. It was the first class I took at Darn it and Stitch . I had wanted to learn to knit socks since I sat next to an incredibly cool looking crafty lady at a station waiting for a train to appear. She was using such tiny needles, and making such pretty patterns, and as far as I could see wasn't really looking at what she was doing all that much. So I went on a course and made a sock. It then took me a year to make my next pair, and another 6 months to start the next, but this week I have finished a half sock, knitted another complete one and cast on my third pair. For the majority of the time sock knitting is just plain knit all the way round again and again and again, which is easily done while watching all of the Harry Potter movies that you may have bought on DVD for festive viewing, because it's not Christmas without a HP movie.

I am addicted again. I have bought some new yarn, and I am even attempting my first cable project in the form of some cabled socks, which as you can see the difference in scale between these and my giant knitting is ridiculous. I expect I'll have gone more blind by the end of them - it's a good thing I love my glasses!

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