50 images, 50 words

So here it is. My take on 50 words, 50 images which is the task CAA year 1 and 2 had to have done for today. For me the presentation of things is important, particularly for things which don't inherently have a function that dictates their display. For this task the images needed to be up on the walls of our spaces which meant I was quite limited in how I could display them. I wanted to reflect my studio at home and the haphazard way that I work, drawing inspiration from lots of places and things. I made a big corkboard and then stuck my images to it.

The trouble was with the words. I didn't want to caption my images. I wanted to be able to use the words to find connections in conjunction with the images, but also as a separate entities. My mind started a whiring, and then at some god-awful hour in the morning the idea struck me, what comes in 50's? Playing cards that's what (technically there are 52 cards in a deck, but it's near enough).
I fell in love with this idea and really went for it. Initially I toyed with altering a standard deck of cards, but I wasn't that excited by actual playing cards, it was more of the essence I wanted to capture, so I set about making my own!

I used the inside of a security envelope (another love of mine) for the pattern on the back of the cards and then hand-wrote my words on the front. And as I keep saying, it is all about the details for me, so I rounded the corners, and I made a playing card box complete with vinyl logo's for them to live in. As an object I love these, and I am so pleased that a middle of the night idea worked out so well. They are also really useful. Part of having the words displayed like this was so I could randomly pull words together and start seeing connections, which is what is happening. I keep sitting, shuffling, randomly picking pairs of cards and as if by Paul Daniels inspired magic connections are presenting themselves to me.

The most meaningful connections for me so far have been:

But my favourite was this one, where BorderlineStraggler picked two cards at random:

The universe has confirmed, he really is left-handed awesomosity.

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Unknown said...

He is, in fact, made of awesomosity :-)) I love that idea! I might need to have a pack!!


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