All about the details

I have mentioned before that finishing touches and tiny details matter to me. We are currently pulling together 50 words and 50 images that inspire us for college. These have got to be displayed in our spaces on Monday and I have been thinking about how I could present the images for quite a while. I really wanted to have a giant blackboard, but due to the position of my desk I couldn't do this, though I am enjoying how Esther has taken the blackboard idea and made a brilliant presentation of her images!

As Kate metioned on the crafts cluster blog, it is great to see the images coming together, and how everyone's presentation is just so *them*. I'm hoping my eclectic space filled with framed images, instant pictures, corkboard and just a little bit of blackboard will be as successful. I promise to post pics once it is done!

Today I turned my attention to the words (while turning my attention away from the cultural studies essay which is looming above my head but lets not focus on that!) I have a few ideas on what I am going to do but I know it will involve using the vinyl cutter to produce a decal. So I spent my morning in the lovely bright 3D workshop, listening to radio 6 music, watching the woodcarving third years creating beautiful pieces, wrestling with illustrator, and finally an hour of weeding out bits of vinyl to create these graphics. 

I'm really pleased with them and my mind is scheming all sorts of plans for them. Though for now it is back to my femenist art criticism and cultural studies paper, or maybe just one cup of tea first.

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