Double Deadlines

It is deadline season round here hence the very loud radio silence. I have been buried under a mountain of fabric, chained to my sewing machine and consuming large quantities of tea and chocolate orange to get through it. My first deadline on Monday was for my design development module. This is the one where the tutorial floored me, but as predicted pushed me in a much more positive direction.

I made a 1/2 size sample of the quilt I designed in response to Berrington Hall, a local stately home which was our starting point. I was fascinated with a brick wall just outside the house:

I love the way the ribbon grouting looks like it has been drawn on with chalk (it hasn't), and to me all it said was "make a quilt, make a quilt..." So I did. But it certainly wasn't that quick or simple. I spent weeks and weeks sketching, painting, designing and then finally started sampling only to find a lot of my design work just looked wrong when they were made. I made 1/8 sized samples to be realistic with my time and more frugal with my materials. I ended up with an A2 sample book filled with bits like this:

Because I worked pretty much up to the last minute on this it wasn't until I went back to take pictures yesterday that I realised how much work I had done, so many tiny quilts. And the reason I was working up till the last minute, well that was because on Friday evening I decided that I really wasn't happy with just a 1/8 size sample I wanted to make this quilt for real. Now the quilt I designed had a lot of cut away appliqué on the top which essentially means I sewed an entire white layer on top of my quilt top, then cut away the brick shapes, before satin stitching every edge of every brick. For those of you who aren't sew-ers this was A LOT of work. Satin stitching is very, very close together zigzags which create an almost solid line, it is slow to do and uses a lot of thread. But having put so much into this module I wanted to see this quilt bigger than a sample. Now even I knew deciding to make this design a full size quilt would have been madness with only two days but I that a half size sample would fulfil my need to see it big, while still giving me a chance to actually finish it. And here it is:

(Sorry for the crappy pictures my desk at college is very dark). I am so proud of this piece, I worked really hard on it and I think it paid off. There is even a hidden panel which hides the quilt label - you can only see it when it is up against a light source so I'll have to show you a picture when I get it home to some better light.

And here is my workspace set up for assessment in all its quilty brick glory.

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Unknown said...

Wow!! That is just *fabulous*!! Well done :-)

When do you hear about the assessment?



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