Let it snow

I love snow. While most people I know seemed to spend the day bitching on Facebook about how much they hate snow, we went to wander round town in the snow. We ended up in a shop I'd never been to before Lovely Annie, who, as the name suggests, sells lovely things. I was first tempted by the 'Gorjuss things' mugs but stayed for the fly London boots.

And left with them.

How could I resist? Petrol blue, mid calf, my size, half price (down from £150). They are currently being broken in while sitting watching the dough for cinnamon buns to prove. You'd never guess I had a deadline on Monday would you? But more on that after I finish baking and admiring my feet.

ps. These boots are clearly evil. I walked for 5 mins in them to sainsbury's before they tore my heels to a bloody pulp and I had to buy slippers to walk home in! I reached out to the internet for advice and apparently the solution is lots of socks, wet newspaper and leather softener.

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