Musical Memory

I don't have musical memory. Or at least that is the position that I have held for quite sometime. I look at a wall of cd's or vinyl (which in our house is no small feat, we are clocking well over 3000 records and cd's!) and I don't hear the music in my head. There are a few albums that I look at and I know I like them, but that is a fairly small number. So for me the idea of music having an effect on me and my mood is not something I ever think about, but at the moment we are identifying 50 words and 50 images that inspire us and I am finding more and more song lyrics sneaking into my list. Now this may just be that I have reached the pretentious stage in my uni career, or perhaps I am actually more influenced by music than I think. Music is such a big part of BorderlineStragglers life it was bound to happen.

So I sat with my cd's and I had a think and realised the following:
  •  Happy, studio, sewing Penny is indie folk girl singers with just the right side of whimsy such as First Aid Kit or the Carravick Sisters.
  •  Mr and Mrs BorderlineStraggler time involves a lot of 1969-73 music with a lot of use of the vinyl collection. 
  • Lazy reading in bed, Leonard Cohen. 
  • And essay/college work based frustration and confusion is usually accompanied by early 2000's pop punk and if things get really bad Alanis Morisette.
I think there is going to be some lyric gathering going on today for this project. That and pancake making. Lots of pancakes. Maybe in stacks. 

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