Plastic fantastic

I have just got home from an afternoon spent doing an acrylic workshop with Greg in 3-D. I already have a weak spot for acrylic jewellery, especially that by Kim at Finest Imaginary, so it was great to spend some time playing with the material.

There were the usual bendy samples:

And then I wanted to make something a little bot more complicated, so there was drilling, riveting and bending to make a twisted polka dot piece

After I had done this I was really getting into the acrylic love. Greg has some light absorbing perspex which has an additive which means it absorbs the light and then refracts it in a subtle glow-in-the-dark way. I really, REALLY wanted to play with it, but I wanted to make the most of the qualities of the material. The thing I love most about second year process workshops, is that unlike first year where the focus is on experimentation, this year we can make things. So I did. 

This is a 2inch high angle poise lamp with the magic perspex in place of the light. My mind is already buzzing with ways that I can improve this design and maybe turn it into a brooch or pin.

And because the scraps were so cute I made a little relief sample as well to practice gluing acrylic together. 

It is a shame such a lovely afternoon has to end with going to work!


kate said...

I just love this lamp, I think it definately needs to be worm ;-)

Unknown said...

That's beautiful, Penny!! Just lovely :-)


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