Sweet Charity (finds)

If there is one thing that Hereford has a lot of it is charity shops. BorderlineStraggler and I are big fans of charity shops, not just for aesthetic reasons, but also because having to furnish a house is an expensive thing. Over the last five years the majority of our furniture has been brought from charity shops, markets or from DailyInfo in Oxford. Despite all the lovely things we have got this way I often find myself very jealous of the american bloggers who go thrifting and come home with vintage gems. Antique thermos flasks, wool jumpers for felting, and adorable luggage seem to breed in american charity shops, but not over here.

That is until yesterday! I was killing some time before a meeting and ventured into all of Treasure Island's three shops, 'Hooked on Books', 'Styles for Life' and the classic Treasure Island.

In Hooked on Books I found this AMAZING 80's book on how to make lingerie.

And even better than that in Treasure Island I found a beautiful vintage Thermos,

and this really cute paper table cloth which is going to look great in my space at college:

I then went to Styles for Life, which is the clothes shop where everything was a pound. Everything. I was looking for leather jackets to cut up to use the leather and managed to find two! Though one of them has already been stolen by Esther....I also found this jumper.

Yes, I could resist no longer. I am now a proper student and I have the ugly jumper to prove it. They should just hand these out at enrolment. No-one can resist the lure of them it seems. However if you see me wearing it with hotpants or dungarees please take me aside and remind me that I am not 19 and cannot get away with that.

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