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I am a blog devourer. I have a lot of blogs in my RSS reader and sitting at my desk reading them is the way I start most weekdays. I love wandering through other people's little worlds and learning new things from inspirational people. When I am lacking a little get up and go I can spend hours reading through the archives of these blogs and finding myself lost in the wonderful writing, inspiring pictures and covet-able lives.

Today I am going to share three of my favourite blogs so you too can get lost in them.

(Inside a black apple) is the the art and miscellany of Emily Martin, an illustrator and maker of pretty things from Portland, OR. I have read this blog for years and years. It was the first blog that I really read consistently. I have no idea how I stumbled across it but I am very glad I did. I particularly like looking back at the posts from 2008 which remind me of how much I longed to live a life filled with creating. It is still amazing to me that I am here, doing it. 


A Beautiful Mess is the home of Elsie Larson, a power house in the world of Vintage/Indie/DIY joy. If you are looking for some lustworthy style wander round this blog for a while. It is all about the little details for this lady.


Meredith is One Sheepish Girl. a blogger, knitter, english student extraordinare! I stumbled across this blog following a Friday faves link from somewhere, and I am very glad I did. She has lovely clean photography and blogs in a very honest and entertaining way about balancing being a student, running a business and coming to terms with her love for crazy sweaters. Check it out. I hope it will bring a smile to your face.

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Jo Waterhouse said...

Thanks for sharing some of your favourite blogs. I hadn't come across those before so it's always nice to add to your reading list!


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