New project prep

We are two weeks into the semester and I have already disappeared under a mountain of deadlines. There was an essay last week which had to be dragged out of me word by word as is traditional for me, and then a proposal and a production plan. All of which are submitted and so I am feeling a little bit more ready to tackle these projects. Now where do I always start for a new project? With the stationery of course. In desperate need of a little craft therapy I reinstated my sewing machine to its rightful place on my desk and made some new folder covers for my new modules.

I have made these for the last two semesters and I am pretty sure this is my very favourite. I had the stripy fabric in my stash for book covers but I couldn't ever get it to pop right. Well today I was inspired! I added a vertical line of red stitches and some free motion black circles, and ta-da lined paper joy!

I also finished off my very own pink glasses sketchbook. I made one of these for the pop-up shop and was so sad when it sold, I *really* wanted it for me, and as this module calls for a whole bunch of observational drawings, I had the perfect excuse to make my own.
Now I am all stocked up on pretty things to work in I am off to work in them.


b.straggler said...

b.rilliant folder cover!

Penny said...

Thank you! I am so inspired by it that I have spent all morning doing work to put in it. Success all round.


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