I had a morning of very useful conversations. I left college at lunchtime full of ideas and promise. I was going to spend the afternoon drawing, enjoying the sunlight in my lovely studio at home, rather than the dark little corner I inhabit at college. Also,  I would be more likely to do a lot of work at home where there are NO distractions. Have you spotted my first error? I was completely on track until I got home and there was a package on the doormat. A package from The Eternal Maker containing these lovelies:

Now what I should have done was pop them in my overly organised quilt drawers till I had some free time. What I certainly should *not* have done was to raid my stash and start building up a little stack of co-ordinating fabrics just to see how lovely they looked. Before I knew it the iron was on, a new blade was in my rotary cutter (fabric as beautiful as that typewriter fabric deserves a new blade), and just over an hour and a half later this cushion was sat on my desk.

Isn't it pretty. I knew I was going to love the typewriter fabric, I just didn't think I'd ever have the confidence to cut into it. It was expensive (£8 for 40cm)  and usually that means it sits in my stash for a very long while. Not this one.

Here it is in good cushion company. The purple cushion is a completely gorgeous present from my very good friend NearlyButNotQuite. She is a demon hand quilter and has stitched teeny tiny stitches along every single vertical and horizontal line on this line architectural drawing print.

My mind and eyes boggle at how long it took her and I am enormously impressed. NBNQ is also the maker of the many badges and brooches that people at college are always complimenting me on. So if you have been lusting after my cupcake brooch or Kewpie doll badge head over to her shop to buy one of your very own!

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nearlybutnotquite said...

Aw shucks! I love your typewriter cushion. It is most lovely and covetable.

Hand quilting is an adrenaline sport too. I snapped a needle today but my glasses saved me from the fragment going in my eye. Yay for astigmatisms! *ahem*



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