I missed you last night

I went to Malvern Forum Theatre last night to see The Unthanks who were supported by the wonderful Jonny Kearney and Lucy Farrell whose work I didn't know. It was a brilliant gig in a place I hadn't been to before. If you don't know the work of these bands click on the links and check them out, you'll be greeted with a folky soundtrack to this wet and windy Sunday.

Amongst all the folk several strange and important things happened to me. I found myself missing these:

Yes. Watercolours. The Unthanks had low house lights on for the whole of the show so very weirdly for a gig I found myself sat with a great view of the stage and able to see my lap. I was overcome with a desire to paint the scene that was before me. At some point in the last few months I have transformed from being a crafter who some how managed to talk her way into art school into an art student, or I could even go so far as to say *whisper* artist *whisper*. I did not worry about the fact people would have been able to see what I was painting, or worry that they would be judging me or my pictures, all I wanted to do was capture the scene. This realisation fills me with a quiet confidence that I am in the right place, at the right time. 

Which is good news because I've got four weeks of deadline madness and then that's it. Goodbye second year.  

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