A Very Berrington Quilt

As well as getting my craft on, some of yesterday was spent scampering outside at the merest glimpse of sunlight to take pictures of the brick wall quilt I made last term. The weather in Hereford is crazy at the moment. Amazing sunshine followed by storms that last for hours so I has to take advantage of the sun while I could! I thought you might all like to see some proper pics of the finished quilt rather than the very gloomy ones I posted last.

I made a half size sample of my final quilt design as time was very short once I had finally committed to a piece and a full size one would have been impossible - lesson learnt, commit to a good idea earlier! You can see some of my sketchbook work and a bit more info about the project for this quilt here.
This was my starting point and I interpreted the lines of the grouting in reverse appliqué on a pieced background. The back of the quilt was kept very plain to show the quilting lines, but a little flash of brick coloured fabric jazzes it up a bit. *

Having done research into quilting and how historians have built a history of quilts through the labels added by the maker I knew I wanted to include a label in my work, but I didn't want it to affect the aesthetic of the piece.

So I hid it.

I reverse, reverse appliquéd a block in the quilt, and embroidered the quilt name, my name and the year and place it was made. The idea is that you can see the label only when it is held up in the light, while hanging on a washing line for example. This idea of hidden panels and light is a big part of my work this term so expect to see more of these shenanigans!

I had spent too much time working on this piece at the last minute that I had fallen out of love with it. Taking pictures of it yesterday I was able to stand back and appreciate it. I am very proud of it and I can see the connections between it and my current, more abstract work.

I hope you enjoyed that little bit of quilt-y joy early in the am.

*Yes. I used the phrase "jazzes it up", but it is very early and I am blogging before college so forgive my clumsy turn of phrase.

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