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Hello!!!!! Yes long time, no see but I am back and at slightly snuffly, fighting fitness. The snuffle comes from another night sat outside in a beer garden in the rain. I know, ridiculous. I think I am finally giving up the fight when it comes to the Barrels (the local pub) and just not going. A pub should only be allowed to give me a hangover, not a cold.

Anyway snuffles aside I have had a very good break, there were birthday's - some big ones, some less big ones, there was a trip to Berlin which has been wonderfully inspiring for my final pieces, there has been a lot of time sat in front of my computer trying to map out my future and write a presentation on it, and of course there has been some personal crafting. The first piece of which I can finally share here now as it arrived safely in its new home yesterday.

I have spoken before of my most lovely friend SilverLining, and in her home she has what I like to think of as her wall of irrepressible women. On this wall there are several versions of the We Can Do It WWII poster (AKA Rosie the Riveter), including a brilliant Czech one. Inspired, I decided to embroider a version for her christmas/birthday present.

This first version was a straight up line drawing interpretation which I gave up on because I wasn't getting the texture I really wanted from the piece. I am not very good at filling stitches like satin stitch and the idea of having to fill big sections of this filled me with dread, so I went back to the drawing board and decided to incorporate some other textiles. And this is how she turned out:

As you can see I added a fabric headscarf and a shirt, which was hand folded and tucked and then stitched in place - the creases are meant to be there, in fact I spent an inordinate amount of time trying to figure out if it was too crease-y.

I am so pleased with how the shirt came out, the collar stands a little proud of the rest of the piece and those folded back sleeves were very effective.

The We Can Do It banner was machine appliqu├ęd which kept it looking very graphic and tidy, making a nice counter point to the hand stitched Rosie the Riveter. You can also see in this picture a little glimpse of the roving I used for her hair. There was one particularly rough moment in the sewing of this where I decided to do her eyebrows using roving as well. Let's just say it ended badly for all involved and the stitched brows are by far better!

I am so happy with this piece and judging from the tweet squeals of joy last night SilverLining loves her too. I may have to play with this stitched collaging a little bit moreover the summer.

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Unknown said...

I beyond love her! She's next to her sister, on the wall of irrepressibles, and she far outshines the original! You are totally fabulous xx


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