Wonderful Wet Wednesday

Yesterday was a very good day. While I have mused on how hard a bad tutorial can hit me, I sometimes forget to recognise how much a good day can perk my whole week up. We have had three weeks off college for Easter and though I needed the break, it was a l-o-n-g three weeks. Bringing in all my sketchbooks and samples did help me feel more positive that I had been doing practical work over the break and hadn't just been chained to my computer! I left college last night shattered, but with a giant heap of new samples and full of ideas.

But today was not spent with these samples. Nope, instead we had a crafternoon-in-the-morning session, the perfect antidote to a hideously rainy day. I am working on a super secret project with a few of my friends from college so we spent the morning in my studio designing, stitching, listening to Fleetwood Mac and drinking tea.

I taught the girls a few techniques on my sewing machine, which I can't divulge just yet, and they got a taste of my working day at home in my studio. They learnt this mainly involves me cutting fabric, losing fabric, swearing I had cut out a certain bit of fabric, before searching high and low to find it - my house has a serious borrower infestation I am sure!

It was lovely to pass a few hours creating with my ladies, getting a little taste of what I hope my future studio life would be like.

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Unknown said...

Ooooh, intriguing!! I do love a good project shush :-)


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