Final Piece - Day Two

*phfft* Today has not gone well. Me and my final piece aren't seeing eye to eye, I hope we will make up tonight, because really I don't have time for these shenanigans!

What's the problem? Well up till yesterday the biggest sample I had made for this project was A3, moving onto a much larger piece (1.5m on its longer edge) is problematic. The very tight grid that this piece is based on is become warped and distorted as I try and feed all the fabric through my machine, the more I notice how imperfect it is, the more tense I get and the worse my stitches are. A vicious cycle. I know that when I show this to BorderlineStraggler tonight he will say something encouraging to me about the seeing bigger picture, and how I can't really judge the piece till it's finished, and that once the horizontal lines are in you actually wont see the wonky bits. Until then I am taking a break, I have work tonight so thankfully I can't spend all night spotting all my mistakes and making them worse.

On the plus side today has given me a chance to reflect on the piece a bit more and clarify my thoughts on the process and motivations behind it. It is hard to explain them without having any pictures of the piece to illustrate so I'm off to write them down in my sketchbook and when I am further along I'll share them with you alongside a picture of my beautiful piece!

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b.straggler said...

you took the words right out of my mouth - meatloaf style!


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