Final Piece - Day Five

AKA Dave Gorman and Cinnamon rolls Save My Sanity.

Saturday was not a good day. On Sunday I knew I had a lot of unpicking to do and generally was completely despondent about my piece. As I said before this piece is about 6 times larger than my biggest sample and it has not been a simple case of more of the same stitching, the mechanics of feeding a much larger quilt through my machine and still needing to keep the same strict structure has driven me mad. I have not been able to keep the lines strictly straight, but the process has given me some very interesting insights into my approach to making, and I don't think it would be too much of a stretch to say into my life. All of which sounds very deep and meaningful and some of it is, but without the complicated backstory of the last 30 years it would be hard to explain here. I guess staring at tiny white square for 5 days straight was always going to end in epiphany or madness, for me it was a bit of both!

So how did Dave Gorman help? While making this quilt I have been half listening to music, the radio and the occasional HP film. At some point on Saturday night I remembered that I had 2 new audio books that I haven't listened to yet. I love audio books and I am not sure how I have had these for so long without listening to them. I went for Dave Gorman vs. The Rest Of The World and it was perfect. Gorman's easy style helped me relax and get on with my stitching, it kept me from constantly comparing lines for un-straightness and by 7.30 last night I had 10800 tiny 1cm squares covering my piece!

*sigh of relief*

There is still lots to do, but at happily this stage is done. As for the Cinammon Rolls, they were baked this morning in between stitching bouts and were delicious!

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