Final Piece - Day Four

This is what today has consisted of

and this. So many in fact I have lost count.

I have learnt that I can't sew in straight lines, and in fact that this whole piece is an exercise in driving me insane. I think Sunday is going to be the day of the unpicker. Right now I am off to eat dinner and watch The Big Bang Theory and drink beer.

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Unknown said...

so. The good news is that your machine is self servicing, and will probably live a little while longer :-) Also, you can use one of those hand held vacuum cleaner things in the bobbin cavity thingummy bit, to really good effect. And although you may think the lines are distorting now, by the time you have them all in the distortion will look like you meant it. Particularly when you write on your artbollocks "I was particularly interested in how the tension of the machine would distort the purity of the line of the quilt; a perfect metaphor for the unpredictable interplay of organic vs machine; man vs nature." or some such... :-)



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