Final Piece - Day Nine

Today has been much of the same as yesterday. Lots of ripping and snipping with a little sprinkle of planning. My friend Danny and I are organising and end of year show for second year CAA work. We decided on a bit of a whim that we'd like to exhibit our work outside of college, and it has all snowballed from there. First we had to find a location, then decide what kind of show it was going to be, then lots of negotiations with tutors to arrange curators and help juggle around dates so it all fits together with the other exhibitions the college are putting on this summer.....and that was just the start! We are now in advertising mode, designing poster and flyers, pricing up business card vs postcards, trying to get advice from anyone who has ever put on a show, all while getting my final piece done.


It is exhausting but so much fun. I can't wait till its all ready we are nervously waiting by our work, hoping people turn up for the private view. I've started a little off-shoot blog about the show so we can post information about the exhibition, the artists involved and any interesting behind the scenes goings on. Pop over to and check it out.

So if you have ever put on an exhibition and have any advice, please leave a comment, we'd love the help!

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