Final Piece - Day Seven

Today I did the unthinkable. I took CeeCee (my final piece) out into the world and let other people touch her. I am generally not one for the anthropomorphising of objects, but I am very very bored of typing 'my piece' or 'the quilt', and CCC are the initials of this piece's title so CeeCee it is for now. So CeeCee got her first outing today, off to college for a tutorial. My tutors were pleased with the progress and are confident I will get done in time (I guess they aren't reading my blog...). Buoyed by their enthusiasm I am getting more convinced I'll get it done in time. So on Day Seven I didn't follow God's example and have a rest, instead I made a big headway into the next stage of my work and have added 3/4 of the densely stitched areas that make up part of the design.

You can see here the difference in density of the areas I have been sewing today, and the small squares which have been my nemesis for the last six days. For scale the squares are about 1cm sq. 

And for an idea of the scale of the whole thing:

(I am 5'10" in case you are wondering)

CeeCee is coming on in leaps and bounds. Please keep fingers crossed for more sunshine-y good luck tomorrow. I'm off now to ponder what to do with this plant which I just noticed growing in our drain. It looks very pretty which, as our garden choked with Japanese knot-weed will attest, is probably a bad sign.

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