Sit back, relax.

Has it really been over a week since I last posted? At the moment I feel like all the non college craft I am working on is either a gift or a secret, and the mountain of writing I have to do for college at the moment would just lead to moany posts, which leaves me with nothing to talk about! But I promise you I have been working away on a whole host of different projects as you can see from my quilty work in progress basket. Each ziploc bag holds a different project:

Tonight is the second (slightly impromptu)meeting of my Craft Cwtch group. I was talking with the lovely Kate about the importance of having something like a stitch and bitch group to remind us why we are at college. We are here because we all love making things and sometimes college steals the joy for those frivolous things I want to make. When things are really stressful all I long to do is sit down and make a blanket, or make some notebooks, and not worry about the development of my designs or analysing my technical ability. That is what Craft Cwtch is all about. This is also what this blanket is about.

NearlyButNotQuite came to visit recently and I needed a project to keep my hands busy while we drank wine and talked. This blanket grew very rapidly to begin with, and it is now my mindless crafting project of choice - though with its constant colour changing I have remembered quite how much I hate weaving the ends of yarn in.

I am also working up to a proper post about my current college project once it has taken more shape so here is a sneak preview of what my studio window looks like at the moment

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nearlybutnotquite said...

Good on you Ratty. Impressive. I'm looking forward to coming back to my own knitting when I visit next... probably can't take it to the burlesque show can we?



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