Stitching and Bitching

On Tuesday I held my first ever Craft Cwtch (welsh for cuddle), which is a stitch and bitch group I am hoping to start. I kept it really small and only invited a few friends just to see what it was like. I am glad I did keep it small because I got a bit Abigail's Party and overly nervous. However once I got there and unpacked my suitcase it was a lot of fun. We met at The Courtyard - the local arts centre which has a cafe bar- drank beer, ate food and listened to some dreadful open mic performances, all while crafting our hearts out. I taught some people to make paper pieced quilts, and others to crochet. It was a night of Craft Cwtch fun, and everyone was asking when we could do it again, a definite sign of success!

There was some of this:

(You can a bit of my crafty suitcase, filled with fabric, yarns and needles for people to use)

Lots of concentrating faces as new skills were learnt:

And a little bit of this when the craft got too much!

As most people who came were college students who have deadlines a plenty I am going to be very sensible and host the next session in two weeks time, so as not to offer too much distraction. I'll come back with proper details soon so any Hereford readers can pop down and join us for Craft Cwtch fun.

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