Big girl nerves

I am exhibiting my quilt 'Called Control' at the Festival of Quilts this year. The FOQ is an international quilt festival held each year at the NEC. I have been for the last few years and usually leave with a camera full of inspiration and a small but full bag of beautiful fabrics. Last year it was the glasses print by echino, this year I am hoping for some Melody Miller prints to reupholster my deck chair. Entering a quilt to be shown at the festival has taken me an awful lot of bravery. I had to enter back in May when my quilt was designed but not started in anyway. I sat in the studio and floated the idea of entering to my studio mates. They were unanimous in their agreement that I *had* to do it. So I did. 

Entry is a three step process. First you send in your form registering you interest, a month later you are sent an entry form which asks for lots of technical details and a 10 word (!) statement about the piece, you then get sent labels, instructions of where to send your quilt and a whole lot of other important paperwork. Finally you have to send in your quilt with a hanging sleeve attached and all the right labels in the right places. With each passing stage of the process I got more and more nervous until last night when I was trying to package my quilt for sending I properly freaked out and ended up in tears in my studio frustrated that I couldn't fold the quilt properly to wrap it up. BordelineStraggler rescued me with wine and chocolate orange. My freak out mainly came from the fact that though my quilt has been very well received so far, FOQ is full of very talented quilters who will be judging it. Properly getting their judgement on about my work, and that terrifies me. I keep having to tell myself that this is what it feels like to be an artist. I have to put my work out there and see what  reactions I get. It's just really bloody scary. 

This morning I approached my posting problem with fresh eyes and textured wallpaper. I have quite a large selection of textured wallpaper having discovered it was an amazing surface to help design my quilts on. Turns out it is also a very sturdy alternative to bubble wrap! My precious quilt has been parcelled up and sent on her way to the show. I am trying to keep all my worries about being judged to a minimum and start looking forward to 19th August when I can see it in situ.

As well as trips town, the post office and a whole host of other errands I took ten mins today to tame this box of tangles which is my machine thread storage and get organised. I am sick of trying to find a spool of thread I know I have and ending up tipping the whole thing on the floor resulting in a lot of rewinding. I finally got round to buying a thread organiser and got stacking. 

Isn't it pretty? Turns out I have more thread than I thought though, so this is going to have to be the first of several stands, I might even wall mount them, I think a wall of pretty threads would be very inspiring. Until then they are hiding in my somewhat messy notions cupboard. It might be the week for studio cupboard reorganising.....


b.straggler said...

well done!

nearlybutnotquite said...

It'll be brilliant to see the great white quilt in the FOQ! Good on you for fighting your self doubts hard enough to get her there. Now breathe!


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