Designs for Living

I spent this weekend at Hampton Court Castle as an exhibitor at Designs For Living, a new design fair in Hereford. I was an exhibitor. And a very excited one at that. HCA took a stand at the fair and our course leaders selected a mix of 3rd years and 2nd years work to be displayed.

The venue was amazingly beautiful, even through the pouring rain of Saturday, and was stunning in the beautiful sunshine on Sunday. Hampton Court Castle is exactly what it says on the tin a castle with formal gardens and a view of stunning woodland. I didn't get chance to take too many pics but hopefully BorderlineStraggler will furnish me with a few from Sunday. 

Designs for Living was very much a fair for selling things and as my white quilt is an expensive wall hanging I wanted to try and take this piece and build a more practical, affordable collection of pieces to go with it and hopefully sell. I made a lap quilt and a cushion based on the original design of my quilt, but integrating colour to make it more practical. I was really pleased with how they turned out and got a lot of very good feedback. 

Sadly I didn't make any sales but today I am following up on a few contacts I got at the fair which may lead to a commission or two. As with point six six (my recent gallery experience), Designs for Living was a wonderful learning experience, I got to see how much work goes into being an exhibitor at fairs and pick up some good practice for the future. I also got to spend a lot of time pumping the third years for valuable New Designers advice whilst the experience was clear in their minds. My head is already buzzing with ideas, hints and tips that I need to get written down before they evaporate. All in all it was a great way to end my second year at college, and brilliant motivation to keep going over the summer. 

And of course if any of my readers out there are interested in buying or commissioning a piece from this mini collection please don't hesitate to contact me

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