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The one piece of advice that I have consistently gotten from recent graduates, from tutors and from friends who have done their degrees is to do your dissertation research over the summer between your 2nd and 3rd year. Of course this sounds like a laudable ambition, but I am not sure quite how many people I have spoken to actually followed their own advice. However that doesn't make it bad advice and as I am not working full time in an office this summer I planned to spend a lot of the time researching, freeing up my time next year for making. That being said I have been dragging my feet a bit about this. The idea of starting to research my topic was daunting - I am looking into the relationship between abstract painting and quilt design - and I had no idea which bit of it to try and tackle first. Unfortunately our college library was closing today until early September for repairs, so this week I finally got the fear motivation to start. 



I am really glad I did. I had a refresher course from one of our fabulous librarians on how to use ATHENS so now I have hundreds of pages of journal articles and dissertations to read, as well as a huge stack of books in my studio, and even several books on their way to me from all over the world. My plan is to try and spend at least one day a week on over the summer and continue this on once the new term starts. And before you ask I am not going to use this weeks binge of dissertation time as an excuse not to do anything for the next month!

Sadly all this academic work has meant a hiatus from my sewing machine, so I have nothing crafty to show you. I plan to make amends to this over the weekend and have a few little projects I'd like to make a start on before Monday invariably rolls around. Until then you can enjoy a little self-portrait indulgence, taken with the toy camera setting on my camera, taken for a little stress reliving frivolity! You can tell how hard I am concentrating can't you....

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