Cwtch for Chris

A few months ago right when I was in the middle of my final piece meltdown I got asked to make a little blanket or cwtch for my friend's little boy. At the time I was too crazy to give a response beyond "Yep sure, just let me finish the madness that is sewing ten THOUSAND 1cm squares and I'll be right on it", and so the cwtch for Chris joined my never ending list of quilts to make. I have so many rattling round my head, some are further along than others, some have fabrics picked out and stacked together ready to make, some have even been half started, others rattle around my brain in the wee small hours, urging me like a fabric devil that 5am is the perfect time to start sewing, and some are on a to do list waiting for inspiration to strike. The cwtch was on that waiting list.

And then last Monday I went to the staff summer BBQ and inspired by the discovery that most people in the group hadn't ever drunk snakebite and black demanded they did and proceeded to get drunk. Very drunk. Drunk to the point of dancing, singing and ending in an embarrassing drunken rant at Chris. It turns out hangover shame was an excellent inspiration incentive when it came to designing and making the cwtch. So here it is my I-might-be-a-bit-of-a-dreadful-drunk-but-I'm-lovely-when-sober baby blanket.

The front has a vague chevron design of Curious George fabric which I liberated from Silver Lining's stash some years ago, and some Aneela Hoey Little Apples tortoise fabric which was a gift from NearlyButNotQuite. Trying to get my head round the design melted my brain a little bit but I am really happy with how it came out in the end. My sketchbook has now got a few more chevron ideas rattling round it.

The back of the quilt was made from the rest of the Curious George fabric and a little grey strip for interest, not to cover up a slight miscalculation in cutting, no siree bob definitely intentional to add interest. Here is one very happy customer enjoying the blanket.
So the moral of the story is if you want me to make you a quilt, get me really drunk, encourage me to behave badly and then let my guilty conscience do its work......

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