Decor It Yourself

I used to watch an online show from Threadbangers called Decor ItYourself. It was full of home improvement DIY's and a few of my resulting projects can still be found in our house. This weekend we embraced the Decor It Yourself ethos and went upholstery crazy.

I bought this chair about 3 years ago from a market in Oxford. It cost me £3 and sat in my office for a while driving my boss crazy. It is the perfect size for me to curl up in and is now my favourite spot to sit and do dissertation research. Sadly during the last two floods of my studio this chair got drenched. It is quite an old chair probably late 60's early 70's and it had all of its original cushions which did not respond well to repeated soakings and had started to smell like very wet dog. This weekend the chair got a facelift, a new cover and a new seat.

I picked up the fabric at Dunelm and I have to say I love it. Here is a bigger shot of the chair in situ.

We also gave our dining set a refresh. Two of our chairs are white, and two red. They had their gloss touched up and new cushions sewn.

I haven't had a chance to do much sewing for the house in a long time and I enjoyed the big impact these finishing touches have made to their respective rooms. The next on the list is a new curtain for the front door and to grout the table we tiled on Sunday. Looks like August is our month of DIY.


b.straggler said...

truly a rocking August!

nearlybutnotquite said...

Ahem... I have to ask... where's the purple cushion gone to? Sx

Penny said...

Fear not, as you can tell from how tidy my studio floor is this picture was taken just after I had finished reupholstering and before the chair had actually been used! The *beautiful* purple cushion is back in its rightful place.


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