Final Piece - The big reveal!

I have spent the end of last week getting together various bits of copy and pictures ready for my web designer who is helping me take the next steps with my web presence and go While pulling my portfolio together I realised that I haven't posted any pictures of my final piece in its entirety. This week I remembered the main reason for this is that trying to photograph a white-on-white quilt which depends on the interaction of light and the viewer is not an easy thing to photograph! But here are a mix of detail and full length pictures of 'Called Control' and my accompanying artist statement.

You can click on each image to get a better close-up look.

Called Control
‘In the house where I was born lived a child called control and she never let go of my hand…..let it go, let it go.’

The visual rhythm in my piece reflects the repetitive nature of its construction. Inspired by municipal architecture from the post war period, which was the cityscape of my childhood, I am intrigued by the relentlessly functional design of these poured concrete leviathans. I look for the design flairs which each building has; hidden in the angle of a curve or the asymmetric placing of windows, proof that a person imagined every detail of these imposing structures. The same rhythm and detail is translated into my quilts. The process of making this quilt allowed me to explore my relationship with structure and control, how this relates to my own experience and ultimately learning to let go.

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