They weren't lying

This isn't the first time that I have written a post extolling the wisdom of my tutors. As the holidays are rushing by at an alarming speed it was about time to do something creative. I have been playing around with the idea of making a paper pieced quit inspired by security envelopes for ages, and today I decided to stop thinking about it, start getting some ideas in my sketchbook and even make some samples.

Every quilter seems to have a stash of hexagons somewhere. They are the easiest form of quilting to take on the go and the speed in which a paper pieced quilt comes together is satisfying and addictive. I have had several hexy fads so I thought I had a relatively large supply of paper hexagons and ready cut squares of fabric for this project. But horror of horrors - I realised I didn't have any papers left and halfway through my sample I was going to have to make some more. You can buy pre-cut squares but I print mine off using this webpage. Trouble was I had forgotten how to calculate the size of the papers I needed. It might not sound like much of a horror but printing off page after page of wrong sized templates gets tiresome awfully quickly.  Earlier this year I did a specialist processes module about quilting which meant I had to spend many tedious hours writing down all the things that I knew and investigated about quilting. It felt pointless at the time but today proved to be very useful.

I flicked through my tech journal and found not only had I written down how to measure the papers I needed, but also what size fabric squares I needed and even more importantly there was a big sample showing all the different stitch sizes and densities used so I could chose the perfect combo for my samples.

The teaching staff were right! Your technical journal *is* very useful, so though it may seem frustrating and pointless to be writing down all the things you do everyday my advice is try and remember that there will be a point when you're not doing that process everyday and having the answer written down in your own way is brilliant. In fact it may even save you enough time that you can sort out your sample and settle down in front of the TV with a beer, Mexican food and cuddles just in time for a Big Bang Theory double bill......which is what I am off to do right now.

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