Quitches be Crazy 1

Welcome to the first instalment of Quitches Be Crazy, if you missed the intro to the series read all about it here and be sure to check out nbnq 's answers....

1. What item that you could hold with one hand is your most precious? 

2. What's the best album/ playlist to craft to?

I am an audio book lover so for me they are the best thing to craft to. My current quilting company comes in the form of the Rivers of London series of books by Ben Aaronvitch 


3. What's your favourite motto(s) or quotes to keep buoyed and or making? 

Behind my desk/sewing table I have a whole lot of quotes and motto's which keep me making

1. 'Make it work. Carry on' I bought this print on etsy a few years ago and it is a quote from one of my favourite TV guilty pleasures Project Runway. It is the advice that mentor Tim Gunn always gives to the designers who are going off track. It reminds me that even if the thing I am working on is looking crazy at the moment I have to 'carry on'  because there is a point in every project that it just looks awful but if I carry on going I can usually make it work. It also reminds me that I am exactly where I want to be - at art school - something I didn't even dare to dream all those years ago when I was watching Project Runway at my parents house all those years ago. 

2. 'if you wanted a 0.05 tolerance, don't use fabric' This piece of advice came from my friend JC. Fabric is a trixy mistress and my work is deceptively simple and involves a lot of linear sewing - something that it is far to easy to get disheartened by. It is almost impossible to sew hundreds of perfectly parallel, straight lines so it is this bit of advice that has saved me from many a meltdown. Fabric isn't precision engineering. It doesn't matter if one of my seams is 0.05mm out, it isn't a bridge or a building, people aren't going to die if my measuring is wrong. Fabric isn't metal, it doesn't work that way. Threads warp and slip and get eaten by my sometimes blunt rotary cutter, no one will notice in the final piece. 

3. 'You've got to be kind to yourself' this is a card from Art Equals Happy featuring a lyric from the She and Him song 'Me and You'. It is the best advice I can look at when I am creating. Things don't always go right and when making it work or being at one with the limitations of my materials just doesn't work and it all goes wrong this motto helps me pick myself back up off the floor and start again. You wont always get everything right no matter how hard you try, some ideas are truly awful once you have realised them and you cannot spend your time beating yourself up about this stuff. You gotta be kind to yourself and learn from your mistakes. And possibly drown your sorrows in doughnuts. 

4. What is your current Work In Progress?

I have a shamefully long list of WIP's but this is the one which receives the most consistent attention. These socks are so nearly finished I am hoping they will be finished at some point this week and on my feet keeping my toes warm just in time for Autumn.

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nearlybutnotquite said...

Lovely! See I'm learning and being inspired back by you already!

J.C.'s quote just doesn't sink in with me. My broken brain says you should still aim for perfection, even if you don't make it, you can't let yourself off the hook before starting. I know, it's a sickness.

Your photos look lovely too!


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