Quitches Be Crazy 2

Welcome to the second instalment of Quitches Be Crazy, if you missed the intro to the series read all about it here and be sure to check out nbnq 's answers....

1) Photo: Let's have a sneaky peek in your ideas/sketchbook

2) Linky: When the urge to comfort shop overwhelms you where do you go (either online, on foot or both)?

I have never got the hang of clothes or shoes shopping when I need to feel better. I always end up feeling too tall, or too wide, or just not right, so for me comfort seems to come in the form of fabric or stationery.

I am too impatient to wait for things to be delivered so most of my impulse buying happens in person and sadly there is a decided lack of shops to indulge this need in Hereford. I usually find myself in one of the Doughty's shops stroking fabric and yarn imagining that I have all the time in the world to start yet another project. I am even getting a reputation in the quilt shop. There seems to be a collective good natured sigh when I walk in and say "so I'm thinking of....."

In my previous Oxford life I would happily while away comfort shopping times in Darn it and Stitch. This is a gem of a shop which still stands in my mind as the gold standard of crafty joy that I can only dream of emulating. It is owned and run by Jo (seen with tea below) whom I could write a shameless fan girl post about, but I wont - it'll just embarrass us all and rely far too much on the phrase inspiring! Let's just say if you are in Oxford take some time to visit this emporium of joy.

3) Text: What do you most love and most hate in/about blogs? 

This could be such a long answer that I am going to try and keep it simple. I am an irrepressibly curious person. I love learning about other people, looking through (metaphorical) windows into their lives. Blogs allow me to do this internationally! Crafty blogs were one of the things that added to the tide of reasons for quitting my grown up job and coming to art school. I was so inspired seeing all of these people living their lives creatively, some full time, others part time, it helped me see that if they could do it then so could I!  I particularly enjoy watching this blogging positively changing people's lives. There seems to be a spate of blogs I read getting book deals and secret projects they can't talk about which is intriguing and exciting.

I love people's blogrolls which direct me to new and exciting blogs I would never have found otherwise. I have discovered so many new internet places this way that it would be almost embarrassing to try and work out how many days I have spent flicking through other people's links. Yet despite loving this on other people's blogs I have yet to sort one out for my own blog *makes to-do note* bad blogger. Everytime I find a new blog I follow the same routine. I'll read the first few posts on the home page, looking to see how often the posts are, what sort of subjects cover, do I like the writing, the pictures, the general feeling of the blog? If so I usually skip to the November and December posts. I am a winter lady, I love the cosy nights, big jumpers, tights, boots and hot chocolate consumption of the season and all the blogs I love share this winter joy. So I head to the deepest winter posts to get lost in the pre-holidays sparkle. When I do get bitten by the smitten kitten bug I can lose hours exploring people's archives, following links, exploring their little worlds.  Its a dreadful habit I know but it is a wonderfully comforting way to get lost on a dull day.

I also love finding out that people I know in real life have blogs. This has started happening more and more this year, in fact just yesterday I found out about Caramel latte kiss, my friend George's blog. 

As for the things I most hate about blogs.... well there are style things which frustrate me. I hate a three column blog - it just offends my eyes, or the use of a hard to read font - what's wrong with a nicely designed, well spaced, web friendly font?! But generally if there is something about the blog I don't like I stop reading, there are too many good blogs in the world for me to waste my time on ones I am frustrated by. 

4) WIP? 

Sadly there has been very little sock progress. Instead I have been focussing on a college related quilty project. I am working with light and quilting again so I've been littering my studio window with samples this week. 

Remember to leave a link to your post if you are playing along with the Quitches and if you want to join in next week we'll be tweeting next weeks questions on Wednesday just follow either me @catsizerats or @nbnqnbnq . I look forward to your posts and discovering some new blog rabbit holes to fall down.

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