Loan Day Present

Friday was student loan day when my money for the term hit my bank account. This could meant only one thing, Loan Day Present. What is a loan day present? Well it is a usually a bit of a splurge to celebrate the healthy state of your bank balance! It should be something that you wouldn't usually have the cash to treat yourself to, but it shouldn't be something so big you can't pay your rent. In fact pay your rent first, and then if you have some money left get a loan day present. Traditionally for me this has meant a DVD box set or Amazon book binge but this term it came in the shape of a new outfit. Generally I have little or no success clothes shopping, so when the clothes shop fairy gives me a little outfit mojo I have learnt not to ignore it.

We ended up in Torquay H & M over the weekend and I found the perfect outfit for a new autumn term:

I fell in love with the jacket on site but despite scouring 4 branches over the course of the weekend I was unable to find it in my size (it seems for once I am too on-trend and they can't get the stock fast enough), I have ordered it online and am now stalking the postman waiting for it to arrive. The green trousers are actually much greener in real life but the H&M  website pics aren't great. They are more this colour in reality:

This is a bonkers bold colour for me and only the second pair of brightly coloured trousers I have owned in recent memory. The jumper is super snuggly and makes me want to drink hot chocolate after a brisk autumn walk involving excessive leaf kicking. And the blue shirt - it fits like a dream, who could resist! To make room for the new outfit joy I have spent some time this morning clearing out my cupboards and wardrobe of clothes that I no longer wear/want so I'm off to the charity shop before (dum-dum-DUM) my first dissertation tutorial. Wish me luck!

ps. I had a great time learning how to put together an outfit collage using this tutorial by A Beautiful Mess as part of their photography series. The series is really clear and easy to use. If you have some time check it out. 

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